• Economics
  • In Defense of Recycling and Common Sense

    By Greg Stanton and Michael M. Crow In his New York Times opinion piece from Oct. 3, John Tierney marginalizes the environmental benefits of recycling and waste diversion when he posits that recycling a great number of manufactured and organic materials has no economic rationale. Mr. Tierney also claims that recycling practices could lead to […]

  • Technology
  • Putting the Value Back Into Data

    The following is an article by Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid, about his keynote presentation taking place at this year’s Energy Thought Summit in Austin, Texas, which brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators for smart, engaging dialogue about how to innovate and elevate the energy industry. By Mike Carlson I recently read […]

  • Society
  • Coming Together to Tackle Deforestation in Peru

    Llamas take a breather at the foot of Mount Salkantay. Of the 104 types of weather and climate patterns seen on Earth, 48 can be found in Peru, said Del Miro Portillo, who serves as a lead guide for REI Adventures’ lodge-to-lodge treks through the Peruvian Andes. At nearly 15,000 feet above sea level, the highland regions surrounding […]

  • Technology
  • Best Buy Weakens Industry-Leading Recycling Program

    By Barbara Kyle On Monday, Best Buy announced some significant and unfortunate changes to its electronics takeback and recycling program. First, the retailer has instituted a steep fee of $25 for every TV or monitor collected for recycling. This applies to CRT (tube) TVs/monitors as well as flat panel TVs. It will continue to take other products […]