• Economics
  • SunEdison Layoffs Pose Questions About Clean Energy’s Future

    A SunEdison solar installation in Bourne, Massachusetts. Despite the low prices of fossil fuels, the clean energy industry is still growing, with utility-scale wind power projects and residential solar installations catching on worldwide. And despite the oil and gas industry’s stranglehold on political power — evident in fossil fuel subsidies across the globe — clean […]

  • Economics
  • Why America Needs Worker Co-Ops More Than Ever

    Four Season Produce transporter, Jeff Martin (blue jacket) looks on as broccoli is inspected by a worker-owner of Glut, a cooperative store that serves the Mount Rainier, Maryland community.   By: Daniel Faris America is no longer a representative democracy—a fact underscored by decades of grotesque and steadily worsening economic inequality and an election process […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Development: Observations from West Africa

    Thane Kreiner (left) of Miller Center with West African social entrepreneurs (left to right) Davephine Tholley, Jasonta Cokier and Samuel Nonie in January. By Thane Kreiner The challenges facing the African subcontinent are many and daunting, including widespread famine and drought, wars and instability, the ravages of tropical diseases, and general lack of the infrastructure needed […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • Role Businesses Should Play in Social Change

    By Cecile Blilious As we move further into the 21st century, the global community faces an array of difficult challenges. Over one billion people are struggling with water scarcity, a problem particularly salient in California due to the ongoing drought. Alternatively, in places like Africa, the fight against dangerous diseases such as Ebola has captured […]

  • Society
  • Florida Launches Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking

    Florida is betting that posters such as these will raise awareness of human trafficking. Whether it is due to better reporting or economic distress, the fact remains that human trafficking in the U.S. has been on the rise the past several years. According to the Polaris Project, an NGO focused on fighting human trafficking, this […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • WSJ Editorial Calls Consumer Reports a Sustainability ‘Prostitute’

    Them’s fighting words, apparently. A columnist for the Wall Street Journal has taken umbrage with the thumbs-up rating that Consumer Reports gave Tesla last month, accusing the inveterate product reviewer of serving to “prostitute” itself through a top-scoring review. “Prostitute is not too strong a word,” wrote Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., an editorial writer for the […]