• Investment and Markets
  • Coming Soon: The End of Coal

    Thanks to a concerted campaign by environmentalists and huge progress in renewables, coal is (finally) on the way out. One of the first campaigns I worked on was the Sierra Club’s ambitious Beyond Coal Campaign. Our goals was simple – organize grassroots efforts across the country in opposition of then-President George W. Bush’s push to […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Global Coal Bubble Pegged at $1 Trillion

    For coal, the writing is on the wall, but the message hasn’t yet reached some investors. This could result in a financial catastrophe, a new report warns, amounting to nearly $1 trillion in losses if current coal development plans go forward globally. Investments in these coal projects could end up as worthless stranded assets – essentially, coal […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Earth Month Campaigns, All Grown Up

    A tree-planting is great, but today’s Earth Month campaigns need to go further. By Whitney Dailey Earth Day has come a long way from its humble roots in 1970 as the brainchild of peace activist John McConnell and Sen. Gaylord Nelson. Today, honoring the earth is a month-long affair, with citizens from 192 countries partaking […]