• Corporate responsibility
  • Virginia’s Coastline Hosts the Newest ‘Living Building’ in the World

    This is how visitors enter the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Environmental Center in Virginia Beach, VA. CREDIT: Hourigan Construction, which served as the General Contractor. An environmental education center off Virginia’s coast is set to be certified as one of the first structures in the mainland U.S. to achieve the most advanced measure of sustainability […]

  • Society
  • Activist Ai Weiwei Takes The Lego Group to School

    One of six Lego “carpets” designed Chinese dissident by Ai Weiwei, including portraits of Nelson Mandela, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, which were displayed at Alcatraz in 2014. Dear Legos. The colorful building-block toys have been favorites of children young and old since their manufacture in 1949. The individual blocks are so durable that decades-old sets […]

  • Economics
  • Using Access to Employment to Empower Refugees

    A Syrian refugee camp in Cappadocia, Turkey. By Virgilia Kaur Pruthi The migrant crisis has been at the forefront of the media since last July as more than 800,000 refugees from Syria entered into Europe at an intensifying pace. Many people sought shelter at refugee camps such as Jordan’s Za’atari, where U.N. Women provide economic empowerment […]

  • Society
  • Forest Protection Groups Ask EU to Exclude Biofuels

    Last week, a group of 125 organizations from 45 countries signed a declaration asking that the European Union exclude large-scale biofuels from its next Renewable Energy Directive (RED). Among the signatories are Biofuelwatch, Center for Biological Diversity, Food and Water Watch, Gaia Foundation, and the World Rainforest Movement. The declaration asks that the EU “exclude […]

  • Technology
  • Big Data Needs More Women

    By Marie Klok Crump Big data continues to become a standard across all areas of our lives, not just business and industry. As Silicon Valley insider Dr. Anita Sands has said, “I think every company is now waking up to the fact that it’s in the technology business, no matter what product or service it […]

  • Technology
  • How Electric Cars Promote Weight Loss

    No, the answer to how electric cars promote weight loss is not because they run out of electricity and you have to walk more. I’ve been driving the plug-in electric Chevy Volt for a week now. While the Volt’s battery did run out of electricity during extended trips, the car kept going because of its […]