• Technology
  • The Changing Face of Healthcare: The Pains and the Cures

    By Chat Reynders In this election year, the enormous strain on our healthcare system promises to play center stage in the national conversation. The social implications are tremendous: Reliable healthcare is at risk as the generational tsunami of baby boomers enters the senior years, drug prices skyrocket and Emergency Rooms struggle with capacity. These are daunting […]

  • Economics
  • Ikea Says We’ve Now Hit ‘Peak Curtains’

    There is a limit to how many home furnishings people can buy. That’s something Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, knows all too well. It has even come up with a name for it, peak curtains, reports, the Guardian. Speaking at a Guardian conference, Ikea’s head of sustainability, Steve Howard said: “If we look on a global […]

  • Society
  • Bouqs Wants You to Send Flowers from Farm to Table

    Bouqs is trying to disrupt the flower industry. We have all survived another Christmas and New Year’s season, just in time to be tantalized by displays touting Valentine’s Day. That means some of us need to remember to send that special someone flowers to show our love, devotion and tax bracket. Or maybe we just want […]