• Investment and Markets
  • Shareholders Ask the SEC: Stop ExxonMobil’s Attempts To Block Climate Resolutions

    Now is just not a good time to be ExxonMobil. Five shareholders, led by New York state’s comptroller, asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to reject the oil giant’s plan to block a climate change shareholder resolution. Filed in December, the shareholder resolution requests that by 2017 Exxon publish an “annual assessment of long-term […]

  • Economics
  • How to Make Scope-3 Carbon Accounting Less Scary

    By Jennifer Anderson When I talk with people about Scope-3 carbon accounting, I get reactions that generally range from “Are you nuts?” to “There’s no way we can get that data,” or “Maybe in a few years when we are a bit further along.” Yet, Scope 3 (also referred to as value-chain emissions) is important […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Sustainability Ratings: Coming to an Investment Near You

    By Ben Gruitt Last month Morningstar Inc., an investment research and management firm, announced a new sustainability rating system would be available for funds on its North American and European websites as well as in Morningstar Advisor Workstation, the company’s Web-based practice management platform for advisors. The Morningstar Sustainability Rating aids investors in evaluating funds based […]

  • Technology
  • California Dominates Solar, With More Than 50 Percent of all U.S. Capacity

    The Golden State is quickly becoming America’s solar state, with a huge lead on the rest of the country due to favorable policy frameworks and innovative new energy companies. According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), for both utility-scale solar photovoltaics and solar thermal, California has more capacity than the rest of the country […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • Reimagine Food’s Innovative Accelerator Is Out to Disrupt the Culinary Marketplace

    Barcelona, Spain, is a gastronomic epicenter. Its recent explosion of Michelin-starred restaurants has placed it on the map as a go-to place for gourmands who want to experience the finest in European cuisine. And that ambiance, paired with Barcelona’s rapidly-developing rep as the world’s most technologically wired city, has become the perfect incubator for another global […]

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Really, Chipotle? A Better Burger?

    Chipotle has got some unfinished business–so now burgers?   They say you should not kick anyone when they are down, but unfortunately for Chipotle, the burrito giant is doing a fine job kicking itself. The company has been nailed as its sustainability and animal welfare claims have not stood up to scrutiny. Its year-long food […]