• Policy and Government
  • China Adopts New Urbanization Guidelines

    Shanghai is just one Chinese city slated for sustainable revitalization. By CC Huang Last week, China’s State Council and the Communist Party’s Central Committee released a new set of guidelines (English coverage) for strengthening urban planning and development. These guidelines were borne out of recommendations from the Central Urban Work Conference this past December reflecting […]

  • Society
  • Enter Masdar’s 2016 ‘Engage’ Blogging Contest! The Transition to a Sustainable Economy by 2030

    You could be honored as Masdar’s guest VIP blogger and win an all-expense-paid trip to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in mid-January, 2016. Enter Masdar’s Engage blogging contest, and write a response to this prompt: Describe how government and businesses can cooperate to build a sustainable economy. Businesses look for governments to implement policies that can provide a framework and guarantee economic […]

  • Technology
  • EasyJet is Developing Fuel Cell Hybrid Aircraft

    British airline EasyJet is pushing the envelope on its quest to grow its ultra-low-fare flight service while keeping operating costs down. This includes things like using virtual reality for crew training, making airplane parts with 3-D printers, and employing drones to perform safety inspections. Now the airline is preparing to test out a new hybrid airplane later […]

  • Technology
  • Alexa, Order Me a Ford Uber: Mobility and the Internet of Things

    Ford is working to link home-automation devices like Amazon Echo with its vehicles, allowing customers to control lights, thermostats and other home systems from their cars. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT) is now achieving product commercialization. Amazon’s Echo is one such pioneering AI + IoT product. It’s an intelligent […]

  • Corporate responsibility
  • H&M Unveils Conscious Collection, World Recycle Week Campaign

    On April 4 H&M, along with Conscious Commerce co-founders Olivia Wilde and Barbara Burchfield, hosted a preview at the company’s gorgeous Fifth Avenue showroom to introduce the new Conscious Exclusive collection. The event was intended to not only highlight H&M’s ongoing sustainability efforts, but also shed light on the retailer’s global garment-collecting initiative with the launch of […]