• Technology
  • Can Big Data Increase Voter Turnout?

    By Emma Elisse It’s a fact of life these days that by using increasingly sophisticated big-data tools and technologies, we’re able to take the convergence of our “digital” and “real” selves to the next level. And for companies in the private sector, the digital footprints left behind when consumers ‘like’ a Facebook post or ‘share’ their […]

  • Society
  • Study: Migrant Worker Abuse Bad for Business

    Who gets to decide which workers are deserving of a truly living wage and who can get by on less?  Can multinational companies continue to turn a blind eye toward human rights abuses in their supply chains? Watchdog groups are highlighting a pervasive problem with migrant worker abuse that has largely gone unnoticed, despite its […]

  • Technology
  • How Big Data is Revolutionizing Corporate Training

    By Joe Peters Today’s businesses often invest heavily in analytics tools, staff and expertise, and this contributes to the fact that big data is quickly becoming the basis of many corporate decisions. The data, however, must be properly structured and analyzed in order to be used by corporations for decision-making purposes, and ideally it will […]

  • Economics
  • How We Created Our Core Values (and You Can Too)

    By Phil Clark Creating your core values is one of the most important, and most overlooked, practices in business. In particular, core values are important because they guide decision-making and help you clarify, articulate and enhance your employee culture. Core values are especially critical for growing companies because they provide a common framework (or decision-making […]

  • Technology
  • Harvesting Water from Fog: A Solution to Water Scarcity?

    Germany’s Aqualonis says fog-harvesting can address rural communities’ water woes. As desertification continues worldwide while the earth’s population continues to increase, more countries are seeking creative solutions to tackle water scarcity. More aquifers are becoming depleted, and desalination is still too expensive of an option for many governments. Hence the search for viable options, an […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • What’s Missing from Financing Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

    By Himani Phadke At the COP21 climate conference in Paris, there was much debate about financing flows needed from developed to developing countries for climate mitigation and adaptation. It is clear, however, that if the transition to a low-carbon, resilient economy is to succeed, private-sector investments will play an important role. Private-sector investments now constitute up […]