• Society
  • Is 2016 the Year of Community?

    By Marianne Hughes Could 2016 be the year when big businesses become a bigger part of local communities? It seems as we enter the new year, the brands we all recognize are prioritizing local action. But how can local action become scalable for large corporations? We left 2015 fresh from COP21, where discussions flourished on […]

  • Economics
  • A Pricing Alternative To COP21

    As an economist, I have a jaundice view of the COP21 agreement in which the world’s nations agreed to reduce climate changing pollution. My skepticism ties to a lack of price signals included in the agreement. My question is: Can the world can realize a green economic revolution that delivers less pollution plus economic growth without including […]

  • Policy and Government
  • How California Blackouts Will Make Solar and Batteries A National Story

    Homes and businesses sit dark during a 2011 blackout in Oceanview, California. California again faces potential blackouts. This time it is tied to a natural gas storage facility called Aliso Canyon owned by Sempra Energy’s Southern California Gas. The site’s ability to deliver energy was crippled by a natural gas leak described as an ecological disaster comparable […]

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Will Bad Companies Fail? Want To Bet?

    Peabody Energy declared bankruptcy last week. Some were surprised; others not so much. One such investor is Dale Wannen, founder of socially-responsible hedge fund Sustainvest Asset Management, who has been shorting Peabody stock for months.  Activists cheered when Peabody Energy, the world’s largest coal company, declared bankruptcy last week.  These activists have been lobbying endowments […]

  • Society
  • Extreme Innovation Meets Behavioral Economics

    Elizabeth Mukwimba is a 62-year-old Tanzanian woman who now has solar lighting and electricity in her home thanks to an off-grid system. But tech innovation is just the start. To make a real impact, organizations need to emphasize community outreach as well. By Leslie Pascaud As marketers, we are fascinated by the new and the shiny. […]

  • Corporate responsibility
  • How Microsoft’s AI Turned Into a Racist Jerk with Zero Chill

    In less than 24 hours of living inside the Twittersphere, Microsoft’s newest artificial-intelligence experiment, a chatbot by the name of “Tay,” quickly devolved into a hateful, misogynistic, racist jerk. The bot, which was primarily targeted at 18- to 24-year-olds, was designed to “engage and entertain people” through “casual and playful conversation.” But, after a short period of […]

  • Policy and Government
  • Policy Points: How Business Can Influence Paid Leave, Taxes and Climate Issues

    By Zach Bernstein Voluntary corporate sustainability initiatives and social enterprises are essential but are not game-changers by themselves. In addition, we need laws and regulations that guide our economy toward sound, long-term decision-making, with full recognition of social and environmental externalities. As business leaders, we must support policy changes to help make the economy more […]