• Economics
  • Turning a Tanker Ship: No More Business As Usual

    By Averill Brewer If you are an old-school multinational corporation, your business models and strategies are generally traditional: the result of almost a century of being able to extract resources and massively produce products without having to think much about the consequences or your producer responsibility. If you are also open to transitioning your business […]

  • Technology
  • This App Helps LA Residents Reduce Commute Time

    The average urban commuter spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic. For residents of Los Angeles, that jumps around 90 hours. But this week Los Angeles officials announced a partnership with Xerox that seeks to reduce those dreaded traffic jams with an eco-friendly app. App users will be able to type in their destination and […]

  • Economics
  • Bipartisan Carbon Tax Back From the Dead

    “This isn’t an olive branch; it’s an olive limb,” explains former congressman Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), describing how pending carbon tax legislation might appeal to Republicans. The limb in question is a 4 percentage point reduction in corporate taxes across the board, one of the key functions of the American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act (PDF), introduced by Sens. Sheldon […]