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  • The VW Scandal Continues: Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility

    By Shuili Du and Deborah Merrill-Sands Over the last decade, corporate social responsibility and sustainability has occupied a prominent place on the global corporate agenda, with an ever increasing number of corporations engaging in responsible and sustainable business practices to create social and business value. Nevertheless, from Nike’s sweatshop crisis in the 1990s, ethical controversies […]

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  • Organic Meat and Eggs Could Soon Be Even Better

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) just released new standards for how organic producers raise livestock, which could mean that future organic eggs and meat will come from more humanely-treated animals. Did you know that current organic standards include few protections for animals? That’s right, and frankly, it is quite jarring to realize that animals […]

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  • Senior Housing Moves Toward Sustainability

    By Ted Rollins As the U.S. economy continues to shift toward embracing sustainability, senior and assisted-living options are also changing in response to socioeconomic issues. Bold new ideas, innovative “green” products and sustainability breakthroughs are factors necessary to stay competitive in today’s market. New trends offer a wide range of options for senior Americans including […]