• Society
  • ISSP Certification Helping to Improve Sustainability for All

    By Maureen Hart On Jan. 26, TriplePundit ran an opinion piece by Bard MBA student Alistair Hall on the topic of the sustainability professional certification provided by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), alleging the process furthers ethnic and socioeconomic exclusion in the sustainability movement. We at ISSP are writing to correct what we […]

  • Technology
  • COP21, One Month Later: Tech Innovations for Buildings and Cities

    By Dan Probst The COP21 agreement, signed one month ago today, is great news for building technology innovators and their customers. The consensus is that the global agreement will accelerate research, development and investment in green technology and sustainability gains for a range of sectors, including commercial property. The landmark climate change conference in Paris […]

  • Technology
  • Boost Your Cause: Increase Donations With Mobile Payments

    By Kristen Gramigna Mobile payments were designed with traditional buyers and sellers in mind, but they can be highly beneficial to nonprofit organizations that rely on donations for financial support. Here are a few simple ways your group can increase donations with the help of mobile payments. Allow your donors to give via the technology they already […]

  • Economics
  • From Masai Runaway to Eco-Entrepreneur

    Peniel Laizer, founder of Lights on Africa in Arusha, Tanzania. By Jo Piazza The road to successful entrepreneurship is a rough one, particularly if you’re launching a business with a purpose beyond profit. But the path to success in the U.S. could be considered a cakewalk compared to so many countries where the hurdles involve things we […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • XPrize to Pay $20M for Successful Carbon Capture + Conversion

    One day’s carbon emissions according to Carbon Visuals. We’ve tried getting rid of carbon emissions in multiple ways: by reducing them through regulation and incentives, by establishing cap and trade programs that balance the impact and reward reduction, and by incentivizing corporations to reduce them through innovation. That last concept highlights better than most, just […]

  • Technology
  • The Volt Is Electric Luxury At Chevy Prices

    The second generation of the electric Chevrolet Volt is a game changer. It drives like a luxury car. It is priced like a Chevy. It is a plug-in electric vehicle that accelerates quietly, smoothly and quickly. Oh, by the way … it also achieves approximately 100 miles per gallon in city driving. The Volt is […]