• Technology
  • Beyond Energy Savings, Smart Buildings Are a Triple Threat

    By Darlene Pope Investments in green-building design and smart-building technologies are not the same. But they do increasingly go hand-in-hand as corporations work to achieve ambitious energy- (and cost-) savings targets. While energy efficiency may be the primary goal, many additional benefits accompany green or smart investments, according to experts presenting at the recent 2016 […]

  • Society
  • The State of Green Behind the Scenes of Film and TV

    I come to write this article, my first for TriplePundit, as someone who has worked in film, television production and entertainment marketing since the late ’80s. Back in the day, not much thought was given to throwing away old sets and materials after a shoot or production. Somehow, back then, as in many other industries, […]

  • Investment and Markets
  • BP Suffers Record Annual Loss

    BP is putting up a brave front, but the losses keep rolling in. With oil prices hovering around $30 a barrel, the world’s largest oil and gas firms have tightened their belts, slashed their investments and laid off workers across the globe over the past 18 months. BP has joined competitors such as ExxonMobil and […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Green Building Lessons from the Rocky Mountain Institute

    By Max Bloom In office buildings of the not-too-distant future, temperature sensors embedded in concrete floors cue windows to open automatically at night, cooling the space without the need for power-sucking A/C. Occupants use mobile apps to adjust fans and heaters built into their office chairs, thus minimizing dependence on traditional energy-intensive heating. Software-driven, solar-plus-storage […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • EPA Renews Focus on Public Health

    EPA’s Gina McCarthy (left) wants a larger public health focus for the EPA. Established in 1970 with the support of a Republican president, Richard Nixon, in order to find solutions to reverse America’s water and air pollution woes, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become a political football as of late. The agency’s current head, […]