• Climate and Environment
  • Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Divests from Coal

    No more coal, says Norway’s sovereign wealth fund. This Nordic country’s oil reserves are only the 21st largest on Earth, but while oil giants Venezuela and Nigeria frittered away their hydrocarbon wealth, Norway has invested its relatively meager oil revenues into its people. Established over 25 years ago, Norway’s Government Pension Fund is the largest sovereign […]

  • Technology
  • The State of Corporate Goodness: 2016 and Beyond

    In February 2016, users of Benevity‘s SaaS tool gathered in San Diego to discuss the future of corporate philanthropy. TriplePundit was a media partner of the event. You can follow our coverage here. Leela Stake, Penny Zuckerwise and Nicole Campbell chat after their panel. Last month in San Diego, business leaders from the U.S. and Canada gathered to discuss […]

  • Technology
  • Imagine Gas-Free Days Driving a Volt

    It is day three of my Chevy Volt test drive. I have yet to use a single gallon of gasoline. That is zero gasoline consumption while driving in San Diego’s urban stop-and-go traffic. That is zero gasoline consumption while having fun blasting up highway on-ramps. That is three days of driving the way I enjoy […]

  • Policy and Government
  • Annual Farm Subsidies to Reach 10-Year High

    Nope, your farmers market veggies are not subsidized. It is never easy to be a farmer, with constant threats ranging from bad weather to pests to volatile commodity prices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has long operated a crop-subsidy program in order to protect farmers from such externalities. But these subsidies do not go […]