• Society
  • Updated Barbie Dolls Tackle Body Image with Diversity

    For the first time in nearly 57 years, Barbie has realistically thick thighs, flat feet not doomed to a lifetime of stilettos and, finally, hips wide enough to conceivably birth a baby! By itself, the transformation in Mattel’s new Curvy version of its iconic doll is enough to make headlines.  However, this is just one of three […]

  • Policy and Government
  • Think the DARK Act Was Defeated? Not So Fast

    If you’ve been following the debate over labeling standards for genetically modified organisms (GMO) in foods, you’ve probably heard the latest: The so-called DARK Act (deny Americans the right to know) was defeated in the Senate last week. It’s done. Dead. Finally gone. Well, sort of. Actually … No, it isn’t. The supposed demise of the Senate […]

  • Technology
  • Ed-Tech Companies Wanted for AT&T Aspire Accelerator Program

    For the second year in a row, telecommunications company AT&T is selecting five education technology companies to participate in its six-month Aspire Accelerator program. The program is open to any ed-tech venture working to develop technology to support students’ education and career success. Throughout the duration of the program, ventures will receive financial, mentoring and […]

  • Climate and Environment
  • Mitsubishi Raided After ‘Intentional’ Tampering with Fuel Mileage Tests

    Investigators from Japan’s Transport Ministry raided a factory belonging to Mitsubishi Motors in the Japanese city of Okazaki on Thursday. The raids came after the company admitted that employees manipulated fuel-efficiency test results in more than 600,000 of its popular mini cars. The news was immediately felt on the stock market. By Friday morning, Tokyo […]

  • Technology
  • Should EV Investments Absolve Volkswagen of Diesel Cheating?

    Volkswagen is still struggling to move past the emissions-software scandal that has plagued its reputation for the better part of a year. Ever since the news officially broke that an array of its diesel passenger cars were outfitted with deceptive software, VW’s reputation has been pretty much at bottom ratings. It’s not like the company hasn’t tried […]