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  • What Do the SDGs Mean for Your Employees?

    By Marianne Hughes We might have heard a lot about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals since their launch late last year. But we at GivingForce still find ourselves discussing how to best apply them to business. Could the answer be through your people? We recently went along to a corporate social responsibility (CSR) meet-up at the London […]

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  • Fishy Business: Tackling Seafood Fraud

    It can be near impossible to accurately identify the species of fish present in a product from sight alone, as shown by these two battered fillets of Atlantic cod (left) and Pangasius (Pangasianodon hypothalamus) (right). By Alison Roel Food fraud, simply put, is the selling of food products with a misleading label, description or promise. […]

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  • The Flint Water Crisis: A Timeline

    TriplePundit is tracking the ongoing drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Follow our coverage here.  In April 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan, switched drinking water sources from Detroit’s system to the Flint River to save money while a new pipeline was being constructed. The river’s water is highly corrosive, and it was not treated with an […]